Two Vegan Sistas


We are a 100% vegan restaurant (i.e. strict vegetarian, completely plant based). Our foods are 80% live (i.e. heated below temp of 118). We would love for you to google the benefits of a live vegan foods also known as 'raw' vegan foods! They are numerous. We usually have 3 to 5 things on our menu that are cooked in a traditional manner, i.e. above 118. Our menu that changes weekly to offer you more variety. You can check the menu tab on our website or call us to find out what is on the menu.

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(800) 984-0379

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Janice B.


Came in here and didn't expect much as the: 1-website didn't wow me. 2-restaurant looks like it used to be a pizza shop. 3-food seems to be prepped ahead...

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Ryan H.


I do not recommend this place if you are an actual Vegan. They are extremely rude, they didn't acknowledge my Boyd items and I, we asked for a menu and were...

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Rox M.


I'm traveling from San Diego and so grateful to have found this restaurant. I had the Lentil soup and Meal Replacement Salad. Both were delicious. I will...

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