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Family is the backbone of wealth creation in our community.

Shop our t-shirts and books to create and inspire building your Family Brand.

The Family Brand Store™ features an apparel line created to remind black families that Family is Wealth and that all knowledge and skills needed to create their family brand already lives within them.


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Lil’ Ice Cream Dude

My name is Beau Shell and I own my own ice cream push cart business. I operate my carts and trailers all over town. My ice cream cart business is available for fundraising, corporate, business, and church events.

Kenyon Rolfe

Marco Rolfe (our founder) discovered kenyon rolfe while obtaining his bachelors degree ( university of south florida) at the age of 20 yrs. kenyon rolfe gives our customers the blend of having the luxury of time and style simultaneously. our luxury

Berries by Quicha

Berries By Quicha is a Baltimore-based business owned and operated by LaQuicha Brown. Crafting chocolate covered strawberries started as a hobby. Quicha initially made items for family members and friends, but popular demand soon led to the opening o

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