Suzy Black Lingerie


Without question, our mothers make a huge impression on our lives. What really sticks with me about my mom from my childhood are images of her and all of her very glamorous, girly things…her perfumes and stilettos, her long luxurious bath times—she was religious about those! My mother was always very intentional about being a “woman”. Despite a super conservative upbringing, it never stopped my mother from exploring the gracefulness of her femininity. I have vivid memories of my mother in her lacey little night gowns, just filling up the house with her drama! lol! What I couldn’t grasp at such a young age was that these beautiful little moments were my first introductions to “me" time…these were the things she did just for herself. Fast forward to my last semester in college, my mom was in Chicago packing me up to head to NYC for an internship. On that day she handed me a box filled with lingerie she'd taken some time to collect for me--silk camisoles, vintage pinafores, long lacey gowns—she gave it to me & simply said “This should get you started."


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