Pear Nova


In 2012, Rachel James was ready to go to work. A graduate from the International Academy of Design & Technology, Chicago she hit the streets looking for a place to plant her talent. She found herself surrounded by artists, musicians, and a crew of brilliant Chicago scene stars who looked more like potential collaborators than employers. So she went to work for herself, incorporating Pear Nova and assembling a team of creative conspirators all working in trade to help each other push their talents out into the universe. Looking to masters for inspiration, Rachel travelled to Paris, France to attend Cosmetagora, where the leading cosmetic chemistry companies from around the world were represented. Adrift in a sea of luxury, she committed to creating a high end product, hoping one day to hold rank with the classics and become a global beauty standard. Pear Nova looks to the runway’s most innovative designers and wraps the texture of lux fabrics into subtle hues of lacquer. A year and a half went into perfecting a formula while staying true to custom color choices. The debut line is all creme polishes, with an aura of silk and leather that creates a depth you will get lost in.


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