1111 6th Avenue , 3rd Floor, San Diego, California , United States

Kiddie Commute

1111 6th Avenue , 3rd Floor, San Diego, California , United States


Kiddie Commute is a comprehensive solution that allows parents and caregivers options for safe, reliable, transportation for their children.

Why Choose Kiddie Commute

Kiddie Commute is a full service transportation company for kids located in the greater San Diego area. Kiddie Commute is the only comprehensive service that serves the needs of parents and caregivers, offering safety and reliability.

Our certified drivers go through the following steps before being able to transport children.

  1. Criminal/Background Screening through Checkr

  2. Fingerprinting through the Department of Justice

  3. Registered with Trustline which constantly monitors fingerprints

  4. Department of Motor Vehicle Record Pull & constant monitoring through Samba Safety

  5. Behind the wheel & classroom training

Kiddie Commute knows that your children are your most precious asset. There is nothing that you wouldn't do to protect them. We have taken every measure to ensure the safety of all of our passengers. All Kiddie Commute cars have passed 19-point safety inspections.

Kiddie Commute is safe, reliable and cost effective. 


3 Reviews
October 10, 2018
All I can say is "LIFE SAVER!!" We had enrolled our son in a school about 15 miles away and the commute was not possible. After finding Kiddie Commute, a...
April 13, 2019
When we first got here in San Diego I was having a hard time looking for transportation for my.daughter to go to school, that time the school buses are full...
June 25, 2018
Great service for parents needing transportation for their kids. I arranged several days of round trip service for my daughter who is attending class during...


1111 6th Avenue , 3rd Floor, San Diego, California , United States
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