Blue Labels

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Texas , United States

Blue Labels

Texas , United States


BLB is a dress boutique for the dress lovers! You can shop from a curated selection of dresses, skirts, and accessories. Free shipping available on U.S. order. Same Day Delivery available in San Antonio, Tx. International shipping is also available.

Blue Labels Boutique is an e-tailer, based out of Texas. We launched in 2014 as a shopping destination for fearless fashionistas who express themselves through style. We specialize in delivering stylish dresses, skirts, and accessories to people all over the world. You might find us at a pop up shop in your area or styling women from runways to work places. We have created a community of fearless, stylish women who live (and dress) by their own rules. Some women share the stories of their fearless life in our Fearless Women Series in an effort to spark fearlessness in other women. That is why we say to, “live in fashion, not fear.” Be it in style or life, never let fear hold you back. Fear holds you back, fashion will take you places.


Texas , United States
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