24:1 Coffee House/Cafe

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6730 Page Ave, St. Louis, Missouri 63133 , United States

24:1 Coffee House/Cafe

6730 Page Ave, St. Louis, Missouri 63133 , United States


We're determined to be the best! At 24:1 Coffee House/Cafe, our guests are the most important people in our day. To help us maintain the service and quality that you expect, we hope you will take a moment to let us know how we're doing.

Welcome to 24:1 Coffee House/Café were we service the community with breakfast and lunch on a daily!

Our team is made of talented induvial from all backgrounds. We want to be a reflection of our community and to create a foundation for the youth. We incorporated this with our motto: Serving the Community One Cup at a Time!  Also, with our décor, the highlight of our establishment is our tables that are refurbish Chalked Boards from some of the various school that was demolition and rehab by 24:1 Community Land Trust and Beyond Housing.  We partner up with the Normandy School District for grades K-8th for a contest and the 27 winners got to design our 27 tables.   

Yes, we offer more than coffee we are full-service café that is here for you! Thank you for stopping by and please feel free to join our mailing list wherewe send out specials and various offers just for you!   



16 Reviews
October 25, 2019
I was surprised to find this not so little cafe and breakfast house. It is spacious inside, soft music and nicely put together. I don't eat meat and so...
September 14, 2019
Friendly service and a nice selection of coffee drinks and food items. I had the French toast plate with turkey bacon and sunny side up eggs. The eggs were...
November 09, 2019
Three stars, all because of the disorganization that I keep getting when I come here. Love the food! More than delicious, but it's sure frustrating lately...


6730 Page Ave, St. Louis, Missouri 63133 , United States
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