RankTribe™ FAQ’s

1) What is RankTribe?

RankTribe is a social network platform that will enable our tribes (communities) to support Black-owned businesses (and businesses that cater to Black patrons) and, most importantly, offer rank-based incentives to encourage Black businesses to support our tribes.  RankTribe creates a two-way trust between the community and the business by opening up communication to address the needs of that community in terms of customer service, employment, quality goods and services.  RankTribe is not a search engine, it is a social network between Black businesses and the communities they serve.

2) Would you say RankTribe is a competitor to Yelp or Angie's List?

No. RankTribe is not a competitor to Yelp or Angie’s List, but it fills a void that these two great services do not fulfill.  RankTribe is a social network between Black owned businesses and the communities (Tribes) they serve.

3) Where did the name RankTribe come from?

In biology, a tribe is a taxonomic rank for the classification of living organisms.  A tribe is a social group - a group of distinct people that depend on their land and resources within their community for their livelihood.  Rank is a system used to rate or grade.

4) Is RankTribe only for Black businesses?

Yes.  Black owned businesses and businesses that support and cater to our communities.

5) How did you come up with the idea for RankTribe and why was it important for you to implement it?

I love to travel. I also consider myself a foodie.  Whenever I visit a new city the first thing I do is search for the best places to eat (or have a warm cup of chai tea).  I also believe we have the responsibility to support Black owned businesses but I found it extremely difficult to find such businesses using the current list of apps on the market today so I decided to create it myself.  I mentioned the idea to a friend and they encouraged me to ‘make it happen’.