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Discover Thousands of Amazing Black-owned Businesses

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How to Talk to Customers When You Don't Have Any Yet

How to Talk to Customers When You Don't Have Any Yet

How to Talk to Customers When You Don't Have Any Yet

Your brand will only hold value if you have influence over your target audience. This is hard at first - after all, few trust a startup prior to its corporate acquisition or a VC funding round.

Regardless, there are many ways you can seem authoritative and influential from the beginning. The five tips below should shine some light on how you can create growing relationships with your users.

1. Use Free Reviews to Build Expectations

Imagine you are a toy manufacturer selling goods on Amazon; the logical thing is to provide samples to top-rated reviewers. It gets the item ranking and allows for a star rating to show. Even if you are in a service-based market, easy-to-find reviews still hold weight.

2. Run a Contest to Build Mailing Lists

You want to build a mailing list of people in your target audience. It doesn't need to be for direct advertising, either. The real value comes from tapping into your list's social reach. A contest requiring social interaction is very effective; you can promote the chance to win through online communities, groups and websites.

3. Reward Interactions That Grow You

The majority of your marketing efforts should work toward furthering the growth of your business. Influencing social interactions and running contests are two effective options.

Some user-driven growth tactics include:

  • Allowing users to contribute content
  • Compensating for referrals
  • Problem-solving and talking over social media
  • User-generated content and discussion areas

4. Take Advice from Forums

Rantribe Black Business Directory page started with 0 posts and we aim to amass millions if we are successful. In fact, Reddit is the world's largest discussion board and ranks seventh in traffic in the United States. As you might expect, fake interactions built many great forums, from the ground up.

This means it is good to hire a freelancer for social media buzz-building. It's also worthwhile to get interactive in popular forums, as you can start hype and promote thought leadership.

5. Hire an Influencer

Influencer marketing is a big thing, but be careful, there are many marketers that offer little value here. Find experts in your industry with relevant experience for magical results. These people can evoke thought leadership within their existing audience toward your product or brand.

Not sure? Read up on influencer marketing first!


Going from no sales to one is incalculable. 500 to 1,000 is only double. You can accomplish any feat, from any position, so don't be afraid to shoot from the starts while you're on the ground.

The key is to be influential. Hold relevance in today's fast-evolving world. It's not easy, but the market is there for your taking!

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