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Black-owned Travel Companies You Should Know About

Black-owned Travel Companies You Should Know About

Although we are unable to visit the fictional location of Wakanda, the rest of the world is waiting for us! 

Black Americans have a tumultuous history with travel just within the United States. Before the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s, blacks were relegated to shoddy public transportation, denied lodging in hotels, and intimidated into staying put - and had to rely on The Negro Motorist Green Book.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, since at least the 1960s, the annual income of African-American households has been on the rise, which means black Americans have earned more money to spend. And let’s not forget about education: In 1940, close to 25% of all Americans completed high school. At that time only 7% of black Americans finished high school. Now, an average 86% of African Americans finish high school, which is on par with the national average of 88%. 

“It’s estimated that the African-American community spends about $50 billion annually on travel and leisure", so we've compiled a list of some of our favorite Black-owned Travel Companiesto help you navigate the globe.


A TTraVsperienceSM is a unique one of a kind transformational travel experience curated exclusively for Black Girl Travel Movement (BGTM) to allow its members as guest to experience the healing power of travel. BGTM select the most sought after destinations...

The Real South Africa

A luxury upscale personally curated experience to Johannesburg, South Africa. See what they don’t want you to know for yourself. It’s simply amazing!

Destination Teach 

Black Girls Travel: Harvard Grad Takes African Americans To Developing Countries: To inspire a yearning for global perspective and provide opportunity for driven minds to invest in the progress of under-served communities abroad.

The Go Generation

The Go Generation is a luxury experiential travel company. We’ve been recognized for designing custom experiences for clients looking for unique and differentiated experiences worldwide.


World Smart provides opportunities for underrepresented high school students to expand their horizons through studying abroad and was born from a passion for education and the way traveling to new places cultivates opportunities for learning.

Nomadness Travel Tribe 

Evita “Evie” Turquoise Robinson, an African-American woman known for her role as a pioneer of the urban travel movement, was born and raised in New York. She is the founder of Nomadness Travel Tribe and Nomadness TV.

Passport Required

We exist to talk about the places we must see, the foods we must try, the people we should find when we arrive, and the amazing or awful time we had. We exist to make this world smaller, better, and more delicious.

Up in the Air Life

Up in the Air Life, Inc. is an upscale travel company dedicated to social adventures. Fusing its vibrant online community and in-person group tours, Up in the Air Life is the go-to hub for world-class travelers in pursuit of unique vacations.

Afrolatino Travel

The premier resource for the African Diaspora in Latin America and the Caribbean - diasporic social, cultural & community-building exchange and tours.

Black Adventuristas

Black Adventuristas founder Veronica Garnett credits adventure with saving her life and is on a mission to inspire more women of color to live daringly. The Howard and Columbia graduate’s first big adventure was completing a flying trapeze class...

Tastemakers Africa

Tastemakers Africa’s motto is “travel Africa, skip mediocre.” While images of travel in Africa are often limited to safaris and camel rides, this company designs itineraries that focus on interacting with the local people and culture through art...

Urban Events Global

This travel group is a secret gem that will help you discover the world. Founded in 2011, Urban Events Global members are predominately people of color who enjoy experiencing all that life has to offer, from exotic trips to...

Noir Girl Magic

In the space of innate desire to reflect our Black culture beyond our skin even when we travel, Noir Girl Magic™ was shaped. Globetrotting Black folk in small groups do stand out when traveling internationally outside of Africa.

Travel Noire

Travel Noire is a stylish, sophisticated black travel group geared towards young professionals. Founder and CEO Zim Ugochukwu created the community as a space for people of color to share and bond over experiences abroad.

Black Girls Travel Too

This Instagram sensation is another of the few groups specifically geared towards women. Lifestyle coach Danny Rivers Mitchell created Black Girls Travel Too to demonstrate the endless possibilities that exist for women of color.

Passport Posse

Are you into traveling in crews? Then this is the group that you need to know about. Started by two travel addicts, Shantoya and Willie, outside of a cafe in Greece, Passport Posse was born from the need to reverse the negative perceptions...

Jordan Executive Travel Service 

Jordan Executive Travel Service is a group of passionate travel professionals who believe that every destination has a heartbeat. Travel isn’t about just seeing new things; it’s about what happens to your soul.

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thousands of black-owned businesses at your fingertips