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15 Black-owned Custom Cultural Jewelry Brands You Should Know About

March 03, 2018

Jewelry Culture and Symbolism Around the World. When you put on a piece of jewelry, you probably focus on how it looks with your outfit or what it says about your style. Perhaps some jewelry pieces have sentimental value to you, such as a ring passed down from your grandmother.  These jewelry brands scream African/Black Culture and Pride!

Chocolate Rose

in Arts & CraftsAccessoriesCustom Jewelry

Chocolate Rose jewelry - handmade,One of One minimal designs, created with quality gemstones that encourages Good Energy. Each piece is crafted to give you a timeless and chic look, ​ whether worn alone or Stacked!

Antique Haven 

in JewelryCustom JewelryAntiques

Antique Haven Store with an eclectic array of small vintage items, from jewelry & bric-a-brac to wall hangings.

Enbois by Maxim 

in AccessoriesCustom JewelryEyewearElectronics

Maxim Thuriere founded this wooden watch and bracelet company in his college dorm at the University of South Florida — but he wanted his small business to serve a greater purpose than simply selling accessories for profit.

BoHo Designs 

in AccessoriesCulturalCustom JewelryCustom ApparelOnline

Boho Designs is a customized jewelry company that infused eclectic bohemian chic style with facets of ethnic influences. Born in Baltimore, Neal is a self-taught jewelry designer, with over 30 years of experience under her belt.

Robin's Jewelry Box 

in Custom JewelryCustom Apparel

Welcome to Robin's Jewelry Box & Custom Creations. If you love jewelry, bling, and unique creative things, then this is the place for you.

Talley & Twine Watch Company

in JewelryCustom Jewelry

Created with a person of style in mind, Talley & Twine satisfies a need in the marketplace for quality, aesthetically-pleasing watches that resist the status quo. These designs were born after finding that the market is riddled with watches that compromise quality or style to emulate the most popular brands. Talley & Twine was created to disrupt the stagnant, uninspiring watch marketplace. Tastemakers, trendsetters and trailblazers can appreciate our clean and classic design.  

Jewelz of Jordan 

in JewelryCustom Jewelry

Gabrielle Jordan founded Jewelz of Jordan, her Maryland-based jewelry company, in 2009. Jewelz of Jordan features One-of-a-Kind and Limited Edition handcrafted pieces comprised of gemstones, crystals and cultured pearls. Each piece represents Gabriel

A Nubian Notion 

in Arts & CraftsCustom JewelryCustom Apparel

A Nubian Notion, Incorporated. Your one stop web site for imported and domestic African, Afro-centric, and Caribbean products.

Jon Davi 

in JewelryCustom Jewelry

Uniquely designed using a variety of precious and/or semi-precious gemstones; embellished with charms and a mixture of vintage spacers and findings.

EKOCREASHUNZ (643.45 mi)

in JewelryCustom JewelryOnlineGifts

Our collection is 100% handmade and shipped from our studio located in Grayson, Georgia, just north of the Atlanta Metropolis in the USA. We are an eco-friendly organization.

Third Generation Jewelers

in JewelryCustom Jewelry

Third Generation Jewelers specializes in one-of-a-kind pieces and custom orders. Our online display is just a sample of the vast selection that we offer. Prices vary based on the gemstone size and type and the selected metal (Sterling Silver, Gold)

Wood you Wear 

in AccessoriesCulturalCustom Jewelry

Wood you Wear specializes in "accessories that expresses your blackness."

JL by Janet Leigh

in Arts & CraftsJewelryCustom Jewelry

Janet Leigh Jewelry is designed and handcrafted by Janet Leigh. Her design philosophy is “elegance through simplicity, allure through intricacy and meaning through personalization.” Each piece is created with these intentions.

I Love Sam

in AccessoriesCustom JewelryCustom Apparel

New Vintage by SAM is the distinguished product line that speaks to your individuality. We offer uniquely handcrafted accessories and bold statement pieces for our international clientele.

Pure Envy

in JewelryCustom JewelryOnline

PureEnvy is an online jewelry retailer established in 2015. PureEnvy believes that every woman should live fiercely. We offer women a variety of fashionable, trendy, and also affordable merchandise for every occasion.



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