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As Baltimore’s Homicides Reach 300, Activists Call for Another Cease-Fire Weekend

by Ericka Blount Danois on

As the number of homicides in Baltimore this year climbs past 300 and the city’s Police Department remains embroiled in scandal... Read full article

Ray Lewis, tired of shucking and jiving, gets on his knees.

by Michael Harriot on

Ray Lewis, the shucker and jiver who admitted he told his team not to hire Colin Kaepernick; the man who condemned the entire NFL National Anthem protests, the dunderhead who loudly proclaimed that “All Lives Matter"... Read full article

Food Stall Serves Up A Social Experiment: White Customers Asked To Pay More


A customer approaches the window at Saartj, a pop-up food stall in New Orleans running a social experiment. Customers of color are charged the listed $12 price for a meal. White customers are asked to pay $30.... Read full article

NFL Owners Will Be Deposed, Asked to Turn Over Cellphone Records and Emails in Colin Kaepernick case

by Breanna Edwards on

Well, well, well. Things just got deliciously messy over at the NFL. It seems that if there was ever anything lurking in the dark underbelly of the organization (and I know we all believe that there is; it’s just a matter of details at this point), i... Read full article

6 Well-Known Companies That You Probably Didn't Know Have Black CEOs


50 years ago, it was unthinkable for an African American to be the CEO of a major Fortune 500 company. But nowadays, thanks to several diversity initiatives, there are quite a few Black CEOs that run major, well-known companies.... Read full article

Kendrick Lamar Is Sending 1,000 Kids to See 'Black Panther'


Lamar’s record label Top Dawg Entertainment bought out five different screenings in three cinemas in the Los Angeles area for kids who live in the Watts housing project, the Fader reports.... Read full article

Margaret Sanger, Founder of Planned Parenthood, Was a White Supremacist and Should Be Denounced


“colored people are human weeds and need to be exterminated… reckless breeders… spawning… human beings who never should have been born…” Margaret Sanger, “Pivot of Civilization,”... Read full article

Is the South More Racist Than Other Parts of the US?

by Michael Harriot on

Is the South More Racist I often hear people who live in other states, especially in the Northeast, offhandedly demean the South as backward, less educated and—more important—racist... Read full article



Despite the fact that engineering jobs are well-paying and plentiful, and twice as many black women are enrolled in college as black men, black women receive fewer engineering degrees than almost any other group... Read full article

City of Charlotte, NC Welcomes Its First Ever Black Female Mayor

by on

Vi Lyles has just made history as the first Black woman mayor of Charlotte, North Carolina. She ran an aggressive campaign, and her victory was confirmed by local and national news outlets on November 8th.... Read full article