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‘Detroit’ Tells A Gruesome, Horrifying Story That Must Be Seen

by Selena Hill on

It's raw, uncomfortable, and painful—just like our history... Read full article

Nielsen Study Quantifies the Power and Influence of Black Girl Magic

by Selena Hill on

African American women have a gripping influencing in mainstream culture, proving our magic is limitless... Read full article

The Rise of Homeschooling Among Black Families


African American parents are increasingly taking their kids' education into their own hands—and in many cases, it's to protect them from institutional racism and stereotyping. ... Read full article

‘Tell Them We Are Rising,’ televised history of black colleges and universities

by Devon Ashby on

Historically black colleges and universities (HBCU's) have served African-American communities for 150-plus years, but they are frequently underrepresented according to filmmaker Stanley Nelson.... Read full article



Graffiti was ostracised and the artists that did it around here were criminals. Now there’s a tour? I’m not mad at people that want to see cool artwork but it feels like commodification and appropriation of a culture.” ... Read full article

Founder of Shea Moisture, Richelieu Dennis, Acquires Essence From Time Inc.

by Angela Helm on

Essence Communications Inc., the 47-year-old mutliplatform brand that owns Essence magazine and the annual Essence Festival, has gone back to black (ownership), having been acquired by Essence Ventures LLC, an independent Black-owned company... Read full article

First long-term home for teenage sex-trafficked survivors to open in Oakland

by Lisa Hornak on

Leah Kimble-Price will open the house she has been planning with her team—a home in Oakland that will serve sex-trafficked teenagers. As Kimble-Price sits in her office, she talks about her vision for the home. ... Read full article

How Black Veganism Is Revolutionary And Essential For Our Culture

by Danni Roseman (Blavity) on

Food is political. Just like we “stay woke” in terms of police brutality, disproportionate numbers of Black and Brown people in prison, redlining, sexism, and homophobia, we need to wake up in relation to our dietary choices.... Read full article

Solange On The Haunting Conversation That Inspired ‘A Seat At The Table’

by Taryn Finley on

The artist said a white male journalist urged her “not to bite the hand that feeds me.” ... Read full article

White Power Is About White Victimhood, and It’s Everywhere

by Danielle Butler on

The common thread between the lionization of Damore and the rally in Charlottesville is a fundamental belief in white male victimhood: the notion that white people, particularly white men, are being oppressed by “PC culture,” “the intolerant left”... Read full article