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Thousands of Zimbabweans Take to The Streets, Telling Robert Mugabe and ‘Gucci Grace’ to Kick Rocks

by Angela Helm on

Mugabe is for all intents and purposes, out by his military—and the people—who took to the streets by the tens of thousands on Saturday to urge the leader-turned-dictator to beat it.... Read full article

The Culture of Offense is Why Black Workers Are Punished for Speaking Out

by Jared Brown on

The right to free speech is not entirely protected at the workplace. “An employee may have a constitutional right to talk politics, but he has no constitutional right to be employed,” said Oliver Wendell Holmes. ... Read full article

Black Family-Owned Potato Chip Brand Expands to 41 States — Plans to Launch New Smoked BBQ Flavor

by on

Dondre Anderson and his two daughters, Amina and Amari spread the word about their gourmet seasoned, all-natural, gluten-free potato chips!... Read full article

'Black Panther' is bigger than the 'Titanic'

by Daniel Kreps on

James Cameron's Titanic – which enjoyed a 12-year reign as the highest-grossing film until it was usurped by the director's Avatar in 2009 – fell to Number Four on the all-time list after Black Panther leapt past the 1997 epic... Read full article

Her Photos Went Viral, and Now Every Modeling Agency Wants to Sign Her!

by on

Several photos of Anok Yai, a New Hampshire college student, have gone viral on social media and now every model agency in the country wants to sign her.... Read full article

Meet The First Black Woman to Own a NASCAR Team

by on

She then created E2 Northeast Motorsports and just recently, she signed a deal with NASCAR, making her the first black woman to own a NASCAR team.... Read full article

Black Entrepreneur Finds Success Selling Cars Online

by on

Black Entrepreneur Finds Success Selling Cars Online — His Web Site,, Now Features More Than 130,000 New Vehicles! ... Read full article

Millennial Entrepreneur Aims To Promote Financial Literacy via App

by Written By NewsOne Staff on

Black entrepreneur, Sheena Allen, 29, is aiming to make banking fair and accessible for communities of color through the creation of an app. ... Read full article

The Business of Black Comic Books: An independent industry of comic books created by black people

by Samara Lynn on

This industry had revenue of $1.03 billion last year and it’s not the technology sector— it’s comic books. Comic book sales are soaring as the demographics of the average comic book fan broaden. ... Read full article


by Jeffrey McKinney on

The Presidential Partners (TPP) consortium of Powers & Sons, UJAMAA Construction, Brown & Momen, and Safeway Construction are part of the Lakeside Alliance. That joint venture was picked by the Obama Foundation to serve as the construction manager... Read full article