Life at f11

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Severn, Maryland , United States

Life at f11

Severn, Maryland , United States


My name is David Cox, and welcome to Life at F11. The content on this site is created as an extension of who I am. I’m very grateful as It gives me a platform to share with you my love of photography, art, music, books, and personal development.

Eleven is a recurring number in my life. I was born on the 11th, my daughter was born on the 11th, and my parents got married on the 11th. And, I regularly look at the clock and it just happens to be 11:11.

The number 11 comes into play in photography as well. The aperture setting f11, lets less light into the camera – allowing you to capture more details in the background of an image. So, seeing life at f11, you see things for more than what they are. That’s why you’ll find a lot of reviews on this site (books music, photography/video equipment). Find out exactly how I feel about things. 

In addition to reviews, there will be photography instruction, and interviews with other creatives. 

Check out life at f11…


Severn, Maryland , United States
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