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39 shops to buy your Black Panther movie premier outfit & accessories

February 04, 2018

With Black Panther arriving in theaters soon, fans are trying to decide what to wear to its opening. Many are planning to wear traditional garb from cultures across the African continent.  We've compiled a list of cultural clothing and accessory shops to help bring out the Wakanda King & Queen in you!



Nubian Hueman Ethnic Boutique - Washington, D.C.

Nubian Hueman features ethnic fashion apparel, accessories, and beauty brands, along with art of all mediums. Our myriad of talented designers bring ethnic influences to modern silhouettes and product lines by using traditional patterns or ingredient

Neobantu - 

Founded in late 2013 by Tendai Tawonezvi, NeoBantu is a fusion of the vibrant African print and classic modern feminine styles. Born of the African Bantu culture that encourages community while celebrating individuality

BoHo Designs - Baltimore, Maryland

Boho Designs is a customized jewelry company that infused eclectic bohemian chic style with facets of ethnic influences. Born in Baltimore, Neal is a self-taught jewelry designer, with over 30 years of experience under her belt. 

Cee Cee’s Closet - New York

Cee Cee’s Closet NYC was created by Chioma and Uchenna Ngwudo in New York City. Join us in celebrating the beauty of West African prints and designs through our unique accessories. Our accessories are designed by us and handmade by artisans in Niger



BabaAfrik -

BabaAfrik™ Outfits is designed to suit everyday purpose from work to relaxation.

Ajamu Designs (Think Black Aparrel) - Lithonia, Georgia

Ajamu Inc. was founded September, 2014 to advance Black positive messaging through apparel and other future items. Ajamu Designs legacy T shirts hit the streets of Atlanta in October, 2013. Since then we have shipped thousands of short and long sleeve

A Taste Of Africa - Dulles, Virginia

Unique African Boutique - Miami Gardens, Florida

Unique African Boutique, located in center of Miami Gardens, Fl, since 1999, we feature authentic sewn African attires which include Laces, African prints in cotton and linen, Kente stripes, ties common bond, kufi, custom made African wedding apparel

ZAMBEZI BAZAAR - Bakersfield, California

Twice voted best gift shop in LA by LA Weeky! We specialize in African American cultural products- greeting cards, ethinic jewelry, clothing, accessories, out of print African American books, periodicals, magazines and many other unique items.

Virtuous Creations - Morrow, Georgia

Here at VirtuousCreations we provide a variety of hair accessories specifically designed to accommodate natural hair including but not limited to hats

On.Us.Tees - Online Only

ŏ ...a label that aims to promote Honest Propaganda through walking billboards of positivity... "...because honestly, the onus is on us"

Sun's Flower Creations - Florida, Chicago

African and cultural attire, Handmade jewelry, Natural Hair

Yansa - 

Yansa Haus specializes in Ankara inspired accessories.

Bené Scarves - 

"Buy a scarf, educate a girl" is the mission of Bené Scarves. When Michelle Blue and Sasha Matthews went to Ghana for a college study-abroad trip in 2011, they did service work in the community to empower girls with educational opportunities

Designs by Dovi & Girls African Market - Buffalo, New York

The Wrap Life - Brooklyn, New York

The Wrap Life was created by Nnenna Stella in Brooklyn, New York. We've shipped thousands of handmade goods to beauties around the world. TWL is about cultivating a life abundant with color, texture, and handmade goods. 

Vinti Couture - 

Handcrafted unapologetic Afrocentric Collection! Orders ship within 48-72hrs (**excluding holidays & wkends) International Shipping available!

Akwati Style - 

Coloring Pins - 

Coloring Pins was birthed from my wanting to wear pins, but not seeing any for me on the market. There are tons of cute pins, but none of them resonated with me or made me feel like I had to have them. I wanted a pin that was an extension of me

Beautiful In Every Shade - 

BEAUTIFUL IN EVERY SHADE ™ is a grassroots empowerment movement transcending colonized beauty standards. We seek to transform the way everyday people from around the world look at themselves and others.

Adorably African Children's Clothing - Washington, District Of Columbia

Count on Adorably African to provide the hottest african styles to tiniest bodies.

Queens Empower Queens - 

Queens Empower Queens, LLC is an upcoming brand that has three values: Unity, Positivity, & Self-Expression for all W.O.C.

Cool.Black.Nerd - 

Though an oxymoron at first glance, Cool.Black.Nerd. is a synergized connection point where contradictory, yet complimentary ideals collide - where success meets humility, where trendsetters meet traditionalists, where Corporate America meets community

A'freeCaa - Austin, Texas

Flexin In My Complexion - 

After being bullied for having (gorgeous) dark skin, 10-year-old Kheris Rodgers had the ultimate clapback by launching her own t-shirt line meant to instill positivity and confidence in other dark skinned girls.

ESW Art & Jewerly Designs - 

African Fashion Boutique - Lauderdale Lakes, Florida

African atire, from Children to Adults, Skirts, Dresses, Two pieces, Men and Women

Diaspora Neckwear - 

Incorporating elements of culture into neckwear.

Endless Couture - Los Angeles, California

We are a couture accessory company. No two pair of ear art we create are alike. Inspired from the smallest to biggest things in life. But most importantly we are inspired by life.

Delayla Shay - Chicago, Illinois

Deleay Lashay is a brand that creates both visual and wearable art for the purpose of empowering individuals through their life's journey. The Brand started in 2010 as a wearable art jewelry brand. Since then Deleay Lashay has expanded into Fashion

Ankara Boutique - Virginia Beach, Virginia

Ankara Boutique is your ultimate online store for carefully handcrafted accessories and items made with a harmonious blend of African prints and colors that empower the spirit. Ankara is a cotton fabric commonly worn in West Africa.

LLULO - New York

The LLULO brand expresses and exudes the strong essence of Africa and its People while serving as an exclusive presence to connect fashion and lifestyle consumers around the world with Ankara fabrics and other cultural influences.

Black Pride Shop - 

Proud to Be Natural clothing

Negash - Detroit, Michigan

Negash Apparel and Footwear was created in 2007 in Detroit, MI. Inspired by our hometown of Detroit, the arts and life of Egyptian culture, and the ancient ancestral royal blood that still runs through our veins

Fulaba - Oakland, California

We provide exclusive handmade jewelry from African high culture with intrinsic meaning and value.

Threads by Dreads - 

At Threads by Dreads, our mission is to deliver the most deeply rooted heritage of the African culture for supporters of all walks of life through fashion.

Lili Creations - 

Li Li's creative crochet was created to give me the opportunity to share my gift of crcochet with others. I have been crocheting since I was 10 years old. I am a seamstress who takes the concept of creating clothing

Gabriel's African Clothing Art Health and more - Woodbridge, Virginia

Black Vibe Tribe - 

Ever wanted to buy an outfit or tee right off the person you see it on? What about leaving a comment under someone's pic and hoping they respond...and they end up never responding. You know the feeling. Well, see how our tribe rocks their tees.

Nisey's Boutique - Mount Rainier, Maryland

Something sweet Something neat. We welcome you with open arms and positive energy! we have a little of this and a little of that! clothing, greetings cards, handmade ITEMS jewelery, all kinds of smell goods!





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