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Blavity acquires Travel Noire

by by thegrio on

Zim Ugochukwu, the founder and CEO of Travel Noire has just announced that Travel Noire has been acquired by Blavity.... Read full article

Bill Cosby Hires Michael Jackson Lawyer For His November Retrial on Sexual Assault

by Monique Judge on

Bill Cosby is hard at work putting together a “dream team” of attorneys to represent him in November at his retrial in Pennsylvania for sexual assault charges. The comedian has hired an attorney who previously represented Michael Jackson.... Read full article

Colin Kaepernick Items To Be Part of Black Lives Matter Exhibit at NMAAHC

by Angela Helm on

Former NFL quarter back Colin Kaepernick will be immortalized at the National Museum of African American History and Culture, according to a curator, who made the announcement on Friday. ... Read full article

Virginia's Last Black-Owned Bank Is Gone After Nearly 100 Years in Business -- What Happened?


First State Bank was formed by a group of African-Americans in rural Virginia in 1919. Almost hundred years later, First State Bank is the last Black-owned bank in Virginia to disappear. What happened? And, what has happened to all of the Black-owned... Read full article

TV Producer/ Screenwriter Shonda Rhimes Signs Major Deal With Netflix

by Business Women on

47-year old Shonda Rhimes has just signed a multi-year production deal with Netflix, making her production company, ShondaLand, one of the most powerful woman-owned companies in the television industry!... Read full article

For Those Considering Blaxit, I Present to You: Jakarta

by Jennifer Neal on

Now, two years into his tenure, Adam says that he enjoys the perks of living abroad on an American salary. He has a private car and a driver and rents out a modern apartment in the middle of the city for a fraction of the cost of his NY residence... Read full article

Black Entrepreneur Finds Success Selling Cars Online

by on

Black Entrepreneur Finds Success Selling Cars Online — His Web Site,, Now Features More Than 130,000 New Vehicles! ... Read full article

White Power Is About White Victimhood, and It’s Everywhere

by Danielle Butler on

The common thread between the lionization of Damore and the rally in Charlottesville is a fundamental belief in white male victimhood: the notion that white people, particularly white men, are being oppressed by “PC culture,” “the intolerant left”... Read full article

Why Black America Isn’t Worried About the Upcoming Nuclear Holocaust

by Michael Harriot on

Why Black America Isn’t Worried About the Upcoming Nuclear Holocaust... Read full article

Unite the Right, the violent white-supremacist rally in Charlottesville, explained

by Dara Lind on

Hundreds of protesters descended upon Charlottesville, Virginia, on Saturday for a “Unite the Right” rally: a belated coming-out party for an emboldened white-nationalist movement in the United States. ... Read full article