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11-Year-Old Lands Lemonade Contract With Whole Foods


When I was just four, my family encouraged me to make a product for a Children's business competition (the Acton Children’s Business Fair) and Austin Lemonade Day. So I put on my thinking cap. I thought about some ideas. ... Read full article

New Dermatology App Helps Minorities With Skin Problems and Bridges the Racial Health Disparity Gap

by on

First Derm is an app that addresses the issue that only 47% of dermatologists have adequate training to help darker skinned people with skin conditions like razor bumps, skin cancer or keloids. ... Read full article

Fun Facts About Millennials and Banking

by Carolyn M. Brown on

Fun Facts About Millennials and Banking The digital generation’s perspective on banks is different in comparison to past generations... Read full article



“If one million people, instead of buying Jordans or caps or whatever thing is cool this month…one million black people find one black banking institution…... Read full article

From Zamunda To Wakanda: How ‘Black Panther’ Reimagined African Style

by Zeba Blay on

The last time we saw the kind of opulence, grandeur and pure African style displayed in Marvel’s latest box office juggernaut “Black Panther” was, perhaps, 30 years ago, in the classic Eddie Murphy comedy “Coming to America.”... Read full article

#NotRacists Be Like: The Top 10 Phrases Used by People Who Claim They Are Not Racist

by Michael Harriot on

This is not about racists. This is about not-racists. You’ve seen them before: the special class of white people who say racist shit and do racist things but declare themselves the “least racist person you know.”... Read full article

A Revival of the 'Green Book' for Black Travelers


The Post-Racial Negro Green Book questions whether it’s safe yet for black people to travel around America freely.... Read full article


by Nicole K. Webb on

While this is clearly a hot topic because it involves celebrity names, the issue of sexual misconduct in the workplace is nothing new and everyday people deal with it more often than one would imagine. ... Read full article

Food Stall Serves Up A Social Experiment: White Customers Asked To Pay More


A customer approaches the window at Saartj, a pop-up food stall in New Orleans running a social experiment. Customers of color are charged the listed $12 price for a meal. White customers are asked to pay $30.... Read full article

Colin Kaepernick Items To Be Part of Black Lives Matter Exhibit at NMAAHC

by Angela Helm on

Former NFL quarter back Colin Kaepernick will be immortalized at the National Museum of African American History and Culture, according to a curator, who made the announcement on Friday. ... Read full article

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