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by Sequoia Blodgett on

The platform consists of a Fitness Feed where users can share their fitness journeys with the community and watch and support one and other. Additionally, each user serves as the others inspiration and motivation to stay in shape. ... Read full article

Carnival Full of Fitness® proposes Pop-Up for Peace


Carnival Full of Fitness® Pop-Up for Peace project is proposing to utilize a park for active play, proper nutritional habits infused with core value principals: respect, responsibility, honesty, caring and coping with differences... Read full article

New Film “Blink” Highlights the Dramatic Story of a Black Woman’s Struggle With Domestic Violence

by on

Blink is the dramatic story of Nailah Belle as the character tries to navigate the depths and effect of domestic violence. Belle discovers that the calmest seas are often the most turbulent below the surface. ... Read full article

Black Men Can Now Get A Haircut And Health Care All In One Stop

by Nigel Roberts on

Providing health screenings at barbershops can help African-American men to significantly lower their blood pressure.... Read full article

Therapists say African Americans are increasingly seeking help for mental illness

by Tara Bahrampour on

Many people, regardless of race, have a hard time talking about mental illness. But for many African Americans, the topic has carried particularly negative connotations. RankTribe Black Health Week... Read full article

African Genes in Black People Make Their Immune Systems Stronger, But There's a Downside!


Recent medical research has revealed an important fact about immune systems among black Americans. Lab studies showed that black Americans have a stronger immune system than other races. This means they have a better ability to fight off infections... Read full article

Dr. Ashanté Reese on the Loss of Grocery Stores and the Power of Choice


The Spelman College professor reveals what you find when you see supermarkets as more than just a place to buy some bread.... Read full article

Meet the Entrepreneur Behind the First Ever Black-Owned Toothpaste and Mouthwash Brand


As Philip’s business continues to grow, his mission to heal the world hasn’t changed. He says his company has a personal touch unlike any other skin and oral care company on the market. "Garner’s Garden is committed to healing the world.... Read full article

Black Women Should Beware of These 5 Symptoms -- They Could Be Signs of HIV

by HealthLine on

In the United States, about two out of every three new cases of HIV infections in women are due to unprotected sexual intercourse with an infected partner. Sharing infected needles for drug use is another leading cause.... Read full article

7 Health Benefits of Cannabis for African Americans

by by Sirita Wright on

With more states making marijuana legal, and the amount of positive research coming out about the herb, we compiled a list of some of the many health benefits of cannabis for African Americans—although black people and black farmers are cut out... Read full article