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'Darktown' Imagines What It Was Like For Atlanta's First Black Policemen

by Karen Grigsby Bates on

In 1948, Atlanta added eight black men to its police force. This was at a time when, as author Thomas Mullen explains, a 1947 Newsweek article "estimated that one-quarter of Atlanta policemen were, in fact, members of the Ku Klux Klan."... Read full article

The mental Queen: Black woman to head Psychiatric Association


Dr. Altha Stewart, a native of Memphis, Tennessee, was elected to head The American Psychiatric Association. Dr. Stewart, rocking a silver natural hairstyle, will now lead more than 35k members... Read full article

Delta’s first Black female pilot


Throughout February, Delta has highlighted employees who have made their mark as African-American pioneers in a series called “Delta’s Very Own Heroes.” The first spotlight is on Detroit-based pilot Capt. Stephanie Johnson.... Read full article

After more than a century, Harvard Law Review elects first Black woman


ImeIme (pronounced “Ah-MAY-may”) Umana, 24, the third-oldest of four daughters of Nigerian immigrants, was elected on Jan. 29 by the review’s 92 student editors as the president of its 131st volume, Harvard Law Review.... Read full article

First Ever Black Woman-Owned Lexus Dealership


Men have dominated the car dealership industry for years, and it has always been rare to see a woman owning a car dealership - especially rare a woman of color. Ellenae's career in the auto industry began way back in 1968... Read full article

11 Jobs You Don’t Know Pay $100k or More


While some are trying to make a dollar out of 15 cents, others are looking for a roadmap to six figures. And has now provided one; the growing job recruitment site that helps people everywhere find jobs and companies they love recently ... Read full article